Why CADD Centre?


Our faculty are given training on specific software products.


We have 30 Years of experience in helping students achieving their dreams.


We provide training to students in high end machines using original softwares.

CADD Training in Kannur

CADD Centre offers training to engineering students and professionals on leading software products in their domains. Designing courses, developing course content, and delivering courses with the support of our franchise partners has, therefore, been our core value creation process. We collaborate with software developers and user industries before designing a course, and seek their contributions in developing course content.




Synergy Training in Kannur


A division of CADD Centre, Synergy School of Business Skills is India’s largest network of management training institute, dedicated to providing short-term programmes for professionals in corporate/life skills, project management, operational excellence, and people skills.



Livewire Training in Kannur

We at Livewire promote niche IT training creating experts for emergent technology industries and specialist technology jobs. Livewire is a part of CADD Centre, which is Asia's largest CAD training company; Livewire is presently in 60 locations across India. We provide specialist training courses that are at the intersection of software, hardware, networking and management.