A variable-frequency drive (VFD; also termed adjustable-frequency drive, variable speed drive, AC drive, micro drive or inverter drive) is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.VFDs are used in applications ranging from small appliances to the largest of mine mill drives and compressors

Over the last four decades, power electronics technology has reduced VFD cost and size and has improved performance through advances in semiconductor switching devices, drive topologies, simulation and control techniques, and control hardware and software.VFDs are available in a number of different low- and medium-voltage AC-AC and DC-AC topologies.


What's the course about

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. VFDs are used in applications ranging from small appliances to the largest of mine mill drives and compressors. A variable-frequency drive consists of the following three main sub-systems: AC motor, main drive controller assembly, and drive/operator interface. Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, micro-drive, and inverter.

Course Objectives

The course provides a solid foundation for students in understanding Variable Frequency Drives. It is designed around common applications involving HVAC, pumps, fans, conveyors and other specific applications including those that require constant torque operation. It covers AC motors, VFD configuration, component layout, control methods, installation requirements, operation, setup, programming, preventive maintenance, power quality and harmonics issues and more

Key course content

Architecture of VFD

Different motor Control techniques

Working with Basic Operator Panel (BOP)

VFD commissioning

I/O field devices interfacing

I/O field devices interfacing

Who can enroll

Students, professionals, research scholars of electrical, electronics and instrumentation sphere, and students pursuing their Bachelors, Diploma or Masters in ECE, EEE, E&I and industry professionals.

Job opportunities

VFD Service Engineer, VFD Commissioning Engineer, Executive Electrical Maintenance, Automation Engineer, Electrical Technician, Factory Manager, Instrumentation Engineer, Site Electrical Engineer, and Sales Engineer - Industrial Automation are some of the jobs available in this domain.