Land Survey and Transportation Design

Land Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics: chiefly geometry, trigonometry, regression analysis; physics; engineering; metrology, and programming languages.

Transportation Design is the geometric design of roads that aims at optimizing efficiency and safety of people and goods on the move; minimizing the transportation cost and damage to the environment, and enhancing 'livability'. They can more easily weigh environmental constraints, aesthetic concerns, and construction costs. CAD helps surveyors to enrich the design process using visualization and simulation tools that give the stakeholders a better understanding of a site. In short, they can quickly and easily create, annotate, move, rotate and plot and generate land surveying drawings.


Land Surveying and Transportation Design CAD Software Courses

CADD Centre offers training for land surveyors and transportation (road) designers in the following CAD softwares:


  •  MX Road
  •  MicroStation
  •  AutoCAD Civil 3D
  •  AutoCAD 2D


These are 30-hour programmes. Students pursuing diploma or degree courses in structural engineering can benefit from these courses.

Job Titles

Upon completion of these courses, students can apply for the jobs of Structural Design Engineer / Structural Engineer / Structural Designer.

Entry-level Salary

Upto Rs 3 lakh per year.

Diploma, Professional, and Master Diploma Courses

It is important for the students and professionals to gain practical knowledge and undergo training in different CAD software and software modules that come handy at different stages of designing and planning. They need a thorough grounding in project management concepts. Considering these requirements, CADD Centre has designed the following diploma and professional courses:

 Professional in Survey and Transportation Design

The professional program in land survey and transportation design ensures that all participants master skills required for the specialized field of land survey and transportation design. The design-oriented course allows the participants to transform their visualizations into photo reality images.

 Diploma in Survey and Transportation Design

The diploma in Architectural Design covers various aspects of design related to survey and transportation design by introducing participants to multiple combinations of tools. This course ensures that essentials of this field such as surveying and design explorations are simplified for the participants.


These are 40-hour programmes. Students pursuing a diploma or degree course in land surveying, civil engineering, transportation (or road) design and working professionals can enroll in these courses.

Job Titles

Upon the completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs of Senior Land Surveyor / Planning Engineers / Survey Crew Chief / Senior Transportation Designer

Entry-level Salary

Upto Rs 5 lakh in India