People Skills

Workable ideas to better collaboration

Technical skills get you a job but people skills get you to the top and keep you there. In an organizational or work context, we get to meet and work with people of different social, ideological, intellectual and cultural backgrounds. In addition, work/life throws many challenges that we have to take into our stride.

Our Courses

At Synergy, we offer both standard and customized courses on individual modules of various people skills including :

Emotional intelligence

Stress management
Anger management
Positive thinking

Interpersonal skills

Written and Oral Communication
Listening skills
Presentation skills

Leadership skills

Negotiation skills
Team building & communication
Goal setting & Motivation

Our trainers are qualified experts and certified coaches. We follow time-tested, scientific and management methods/techniques that aim at bringing about expected behavioural changes in individuals and teams. The programmes contain practical sessions and role plays that make the event more live, interactive and effective. We also use case examples and videos to help participants observe, analyze and take required steps to better their own behaviour or responses to a given situation.

Customized programmes

We offer customized corporate training programmes for specific needs of organizations to achieve specific performance objectives. Use the form below and let us understand your training requirements. We will get back to you with customized courses.