Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute, US, is an internationally recognized certification for project managers. On account of the comprehensiveness of the certification, Project Managers with PMP certifications command higher salaries in the industry. PMI’s Salary Surveys, conducted regularly, show that project managers with PMP credentials get paid significantly more than project managers without PMP endorsement.

Coming from the world’s largest professional body of project managers, PMP is valued for its global outlook and relevance to all industries and economies.


What does PMP certify

PMP certifies broadly three aspects of a project management professional: One, education/knowledge of project management concepts, methodologies and techniques. Two, experience in handling projects, directing project members and achieving project results. And three, specific project management skills to apply in different stages and scenarios that may arise in a project.

Who can obtain PMP?

If you are a project manager with experience, you can obtain PMP certification. This will help you strengthen your PM skills. You will stand out as a reliable, committed and trustworthy project manager with required competency to take complete ownership for project outcomes, lead a cross functional team and ability to choose appropriate project methodologies.

How to prepare for PMP?

There are different study aids to prepare for PMP. They include formal coaching from an experienced training provider, self-study and group study. PMP courses, offered by us at, helps you meet the expectations of PMP on account of strong knowledge (and experience), ability to take up scenario-based tests on real world project situations, and be up-to-date on the current practices.

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