Cloud Computing

What’s the course about?

The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. It is simply about storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet. Cloud computing is an IT discipline growing in popularity. The subject deals with designing, building and implementing three types of cloud environments: public, private and hybrid. Cloud computing as a science is at the intersection of IT, information architecture, business, software engineering, and data storage.

Cloud Computing image

Course Objective :

The course aims to teach basic concepts of cloud computing, its essential characteristics, service models, and deployment models. Students will learn how to implement a robust, scalable and secure cloud strategy. They will gain skills in Amazon Web Services and a comprehensive range of IT cloud products for reliable and scalable computing resources, cloud security management and virtualization.

Key course content

 Introduction to Cloud

 Amazon EC2 and EBS

 Amazon S3, RRS

 Scaling and load distribution in AWS


 AWS Services and resources life cycle

 AWS Architecture and Design

 Cloud Migration and Implementation

Who can enroll

Anyone who has anything to do with IT, networking and students with basic computer skills can learn Cloud Computing. Having a preliminary understanding of virtualization concepts is desirable but not mandatory.

Job opportunities

With an increase in the adoption of Cloud Computing, there is a huge demand for IT professionals with the cloud skills. The job openings are for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects, Cloud Developers, Cloud Security Specialists.