Data Centre Virtualisation

What’s the course about?

Virtualization is about creating virtual (rather than actual) versions of computer hardware, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources. This enables users to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same server at the same time. Virtualization can be categorized into different layers: desktop, server, file, storage and network.

The technology behind virtualization is known as a virtual machine monitor (VMM) or virtual manager, which separates computer environments from the actual physical infrastructure. Virtualization enables businesses to reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization and flexibility of their existing computer hardware.

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Course Objective :

The course imparts the essential skills such as designing, installing, and managing virtualization software for students to succeed in a virtualized environment. The course includes the crucial concepts behind today's virtualization technology, common uses, and hardware requirements.

Based on VMware, the most popular virtualization software available in the market today, the course teaches students how to prepare existing infrastructure to accommodate virtualization, troubleshooting and backing up virtual machines. Upon completion of the course, students will get a clear understanding of the advantages of virtualization, choosing the best virtualization solution, and configuring a network for virtualization.

Key course content

 Creating Virtual Machines

 VMware vCenter Server

 Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

 Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage

 Virtual Machine Management

 Access and Authentication Control

 Resource Management and Monitoring

 High Availability and Fault Tolerance


 Patch Management

 Installing VMware Components

Job opportunities

Widely available jobs for virtualization technology students include Virtualization Expert, Virtualization Engineer, Systems Engineer - Virtualization, Virtual Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware Engineer, VMware Administrator, VMware Technical Solutions Specialist, and VMware consultant. IT companies and companies that extensively use IT resources create these virtualization jobs.