Office Automation

Microsoft Office is Microsoft's suite of software applications for office use. The key components of MS Office are: MS Word, a word processor to write and organize documents; MS Excel, a spreadsheet for calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and MS Powerpoint, a slide show presentation software to develop slide-based presentations.

Our Microsoft Office Automation course offers training in these three applications of MS Office 2013, a widely used MS Office version. Training in these applications enable executives to electronically build, gather, save, adjust, and communicate workplace information necessary for completing fundamental business (and personal) activities.


Course Objectives

This course trains students how to use MS Office applications to carry out office work such as creating professional-quality documents; store, organize and analyze information; arithmetic operations and functions; and create dynamic slide presentations with animation, narration, images, videos, and much more, digitally and effectively.

Course Content:

Microsoft Word 2016:

  •  Creating and Managing documents
  •  Format Text, Paragraphs and sections
  •  Creating Tables and Lists
  •  Apply references
  •  Insert and Format objects

Microsoft Excel 2016:

  •  Creating Workbooks and worksheets
  •  Creating Cells and Ranges
  •  Creating Tables
  •  Apply Formula and Functions
  •  Creating Charts and Objects

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016:

  •  Creating and Managing Presentations
  •  Inserting and Formatting Shapes and Slideshows
  •  Creating Slide content
  •  Apply Transitions and Animations
  •  Managing multiple presentations

Who can enroll?

This course is designed for beginners. It is a career oriented course. Anyone with basic computer skills can enroll for the course. Having a preliminary understanding of basic computers is desirable but not mandatory.

Job opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities for candidates skilled in MS Office in small and large industries. Office Assistants, Personal Assistants, Accounts Executives, Administrative Assistant, DTP Operator, EDP Assistant are some of the jobs available in this category.