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Primavera is comprehensive, high performance, multi-project planning and control software. It is ideal for project intensive industries. Primavera helps organizations manage just about any type of portfolio. Primavera gives a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. It has a rich graphical interface to plan and manage and report on projects. Primavera deals with project management in all major industry domains like civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Professionals who are knowledgeable in project management skills and techniques can use Primavera to promote agility and productivity in organizations.

Operational Excellence are implemented with a set of principles, systems, and tools that aim at achieving sustainable improvements of key performance metrics. It also inculcates discipline and better people engagement within organizations.

Learning Objectives:

The course demonstrates the useful applications of software in project management and helps participants develop skills to handle projects using Primavera, covering all basic features of the software available over web and offline. Participants learn planning, scheduling, and controlling of small and large scale projects; driving down costs, minimizing risks, and delivering results for key stakeholders. They are taught how to select the right strategic mix of projects; balance resource capacity and allocate best resources. The course guides participants in tracking progress; monitoring and visualizing project performance; integrating project management tools with financial management and human capital management systems; synchronizing projects, structures, budgets and actual and synchronizing detailed project work plans, resource assignments, and progress.

Course content

 Project management basics:

 Project goals

 Project selection

 Projects, structures, budgets

 Project work plans and assignments

 Resource allocation

 Performance monitoring

 Integration of project management with financial and human capital management


This course is ideal for students completing their engineering or business management programmes. It is also suitable for young engineers and managers working in the manufacturing sector. The course is essential for existing and potential employees who are expected to understand the basics of operational excellence.

 Primavera courseware/reference materials

 Project based training

 Participatory approach to classes

 Right mix of theory and practicals

 Training by qualified, experienced professionals

 Sophisticated classroom and modern presentation tools

 Post training support

Who can enroll ?

 Ideal for all project management professionals

 Engineering and management graduates

 Professionals aspiring to have an entry into project managemen