Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Project management is the discipline of using established principles, procedures and policies to manage a project from conception through completion.Project management oversees the planning, organizing and implementing of a project. A project is an undertaking with specific start and end parameters designed to produce a defined outcome.

Business leaders recognize project management as a specific function within the organization and hire individuals specifically trained in this discipline -- i.e., project managers -- to handle their organization's project management needs.Project managers can employ various methods and approaches to run projects, generally selecting the best approach based on the nature of the project, organizational needs and culture, the skills of those working on the projects, and other factors.


Course objectives

The objective of this program is to ensure that certified professionals have achieved sufficient understanding of Project Management and project management software to be able to apply it in projects as per specific requirements and changing circumstances or business environments.

This course provides an introduction to the principles of Project Management, equipping professionals to apply these principles to real projects after the course.It is designed to teach you excellent Project Management skills. Professionals attending this Project Management training course learn the skills required to successfully implement any project, within budget and on schedule.

Course Details

As part of this program, participants can opt for a Diploma in Project Planning and Management using any one of the three widely used Project Management software applications, Primvera, AstaPowerproject or Microsoft Project.

In the case of those opting for a diploma using Microsoft Project, the course is further tailored according to their field of work/study. Specialised diploma programs in Project Planning and Management using Microsoft Project are available for professionals in management, IT, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering streams.

Who can enroll

Professionals in the field of Project Management looking to upgrade their skills with better understanding of Project Management related software can benefit from this course.


A graduate from any stream is eligible for this course.