Master Diploma in Project Planning Management

Project Management has been defined as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. A successful project manager should have the ability to plan a project carefully with great attention to details, envision the project from start to finish, and have the skill to execute it.

Many organisations have found that the main benefits of following a project management method have been the "soft" or less tangible benefits such as a shared understanding of the stages in a project lifecycle, with clearly defined responsibilities and specific roles assigned to specific individuals; especially the roles of senior managers and sponsors in governance and decision taking.

Organizations greatly value trained project management personnel with the ability to achieve superior project performance, successful strategic initiatives and thereby become high performers.


Course objectives

The objective of this course is to enable the participants to understand various aspects of Project management and thereby structure their project in a systematic manner as per internationally accepted Project Management practices.The course provides an excellent basis for career enhancement or conversion for those with interest and experience in projects for development.

By covering a widely used Project Management software, the course also focuses on imparting the knowledge for students in using software features or packages exclusive for specific areas and industries like management, IT, civil , mechanical and electrical projects.

Course Content

Following an introduction to Project Management and its many stages, the course introduces the widely used project management software like Primavera Complete and AstraPowerProject. It deals with the application of Microsoft Projects in specific fields like management, civil , mechanical and electrical projects. Each of these areas is dealt with individually.

Who can enroll?

Professionals in the field of Project Management or those looking to build a career in Project Management can benefit from this course.


Graduates from any stream can apply for this course